I am sure that following the conference and the work you do that you get lots of emails like this, but I make no apology for sending you another!

After a lifetime of searching in many different forms, for something to ‘fix’ my (I thought) broken soul (some more healthy than others!) about 6 months I finally gave up.  I decided to take my own life, but made a deal with God that I would give it 6 months, and if things hasn’t improved I would see it as a ‘sign’ that suicide was my destiny.

Part of my deal with God was that I would do everything in my power to help myself (medication, therapy, books etc) and I worked SO HARD….therapy twice a week, 12 step meetings, meditation, medication etc etc. I made tiny tiny steps of progress but found it all exhausting.

Then a friend gave me Michael Neills book which I dutifully and somewhat cynically read (it was part of my deal after all) but didn’t think much of it until 2 weeks later I noticed I was feeling better. I attributed this to outside circumstances (!) but decided I was curious enough to attend the conference and so 3 days before it started I booked a ticket. My hope was that I might make some useful contacts or get some more good reading recommendations.

It was on day 3 that a miracle happened. Sat in the main conference room listening to Michael and Dicken I knew….and I mean that in the very deepest sense of knowing….that I was OK. I knew that I wasn’t broken. And I knew that I had everything inside me that I needed. I cannot describe to you how incredible that feeling was, nor the impact it had on me.

Since then every single one of my friends and family have seen the change…..physically as well as emotionally.   The overriding memory I have of the time I gave up, was of hopelessness. The principles have given me the kind of hope I didn’t think was possible.

I wanted to send this because I am truly grateful to you for the work you do…..it not only changes but saves lives.

Thank you thank you thank you