I feel compelled to write. I came this evening to the ‘You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died’ Talk. The Tikun Centre was fantastic, however, the atmosphere and feeling of warmth and welcome made it a really special evening.

I won’t talk to much about me. I am 31, not at all religious although i did attend Hasmonean.

I have been a far less than perfect individual and am lucky that despite many failings, my amazing unique family have always rallied to support me. My life turned upside down last year when my Father passed away. He was the epitomy of good, he was loyal, never gossiped, went to Shul, gave to charity. He was a rock in our lives.

I am exceedingly phobic, the fear of death is something that affects me at least once a day (hence why i was the only one to raise my hand tonight when Rabbi Rosenblatt asked who would take a pill if it meant one could live forever). I am having ongoing therapy for my phobias/fears.

I just was very taken tonight by the atmosphere as was my friend who I attended with. I really would like to help and stay after the talk next week to find out more as to how i could do more.