Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt


Shaul grew up in Liverpool and still supports the best team in football. Shaul founded Better World charity in 2006. He is known for his dry wit and engaging talks. He enjoys most things in life.

Rabbi Yosef Solomon

Tikun Director

Originally from South Africa, Yosef was a Creative Director at leading advertising agencies before discovering his true calling. After nine years of study in Jerusalem, he was ordained and is now Director of Education at Tikun.

Abby Robbins

PA to Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Abby was born in the capital city of the holy South Africa. She heard wonderful things about the weather in England and so she married a Brit, moved to London, and has been working as Shaul’s PA ever since.

David Kahan

Logistics Co-ordinator & PA to Rabbi Yosef Solomon

After graduating high school, and studying in Gateshead and Israel, David brought his organisational skills to Tikun. He ensures everything runs smoothly for both Tikun and Rabbi Solomon – he’s very good at his job!