Creating a richer, more fulfilled life experience

Simply put, we are a registered charity that does exactly what it says on the tin, we work towards a better world for everyone.
Our organisation has distinct parts in the areas of education and well-being, each working within its own restricted budget and funds. We empower people to enjoy a healthier relationship with themselves in all aspects of their life, through meaningful experiences and growth opportunities. Like what we do?

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Tikun – the educational branch of Better World Charity – aims to do just that, make this world a better place for everyone. We focus on things like endeavouring to give others a sense of wellbeing to be able to handle things, and introduce people to their soul.

Rabbinic Training Academy

We provide mentorship through the first eighteen months of rabbinical career. We offer a high quality learning programme to segue between the structure of a Kollel and independent learning. We focus on, and develop, the wellbeing and resilience of our participants. We introduce our rabbis to, and guide them through, a new world with its many modern challenges.


The purpose of the Conference is to unlock our ability to discover an improved experience of life through an understanding known as the Three Principles. This is the primary event for anyone looking for a better personal understanding of the Principles and their implications.