Involved & creating a better world


I just wanted to say thank you and well done for organising the last two days. It was really amazing from beginning to end. The quality of teachers who spoke were very special each  in their own way, showing me what humanity can achieve when they do it the right way! The principles do seem like the elixir to life, work and the universe… but I feel like the young child, who has their bike stabilizers off of the first time, wobbling along, relying on faith to really get going and stay up. So, big thanks to the team who all seemed so compassionate and accepting. Truly extraordinary.


I really enjoyed listening to your 48 Ways to Wisdom series, in fact I looked forward to the next one each time. They were put over well and were very enlightening. Thank you.

Rabbinic Training Academy

The RTA has given me a totally new understanding of Torah and of what Hashem expects from us. Practically speaking too, it has been transformative for my mental well being, has strengthened my marriage and provided clarity and deeper understanding on a broad range of modern day challenges. I feel ready to now go out and make a difference to the world.