Better World has been working towards its vision of creating a richer, more fulfilled life experience for everyone since we opened in 2006. Our goal is to make the world a better place by enabling individuals to develop a healthier relationship with themselves through meaningful education and growth opportunities. People who take responsibility and lead by example in a principled and meaningful way, are empowered to enjoy life on a deeper, more spiritual level and contribute positively to the world.

In order to achieve this goal, our work is split into 3 areas, realising our objects and impacting the world in their own unique way. We invite you to find out more... website image


Hello and welcome! Tikun is London’s only boutique Jewish Education organisation. If you’re looking for meaning, genuine spiritual growth and to be part of a lively network of peers who share in your ideals and stage of life – then Tikun is for you! website


The Innate Health Centre is a non-profit organisation that has been established to enable people of all ages and from all walks of life to learn about their innate mental well-being in a warm, relaxed and non-judgmental environment. website


An internationally recognised event sharing the revolutionary 3 Principles understanding that cuts through life experience - whatever the issue - by empowering people to see the misunderstanding behind problems.


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